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Baby's day out

It was baby Nathan’s vaccine day for his pneumo vaccine and I take a leave at work to have a follow up check in my OB- Gyne.  I bathe him early and he was happy as we walk outside our house to get a cab.  Aubrey and Mico come with us and they patiently wait for our turn as they play with baby Nathan.  His pediatrician said Nathan is advance on his age because of so many he can do that at his age right now. She asked us some questions regarding Nathan’s eating habits, if he cries too often and others and was surprised to see that Nathan are happily moving his feet forward when prompt to walk. 


When it’s time for his shot, I held him on my lap and his doctor took a shot on his left thigh.  He cried but when the doctor lifted him he suddenly stopped crying so the doctor said “you’re a big boy now!” I proudly look at my baby whose now playing with a plastic ball his pedia gave him.  The shots will continue evey month but I know even with the slight fever after, my brave baby will pull it through.  

Nathan's pediatrician :)

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