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With Flying Colors

My niece just got promoted in her company and one of the perks is having a company owned car she can drive while traveling around the city for some series of meetings with the clients.  But her problem is how to get a driver’s license without taking much of her time.  And she’s afraid that she might fail the written exams and start all over again.  She didn’t have much time waiting on long lines and reviewing for the test.  I told her to look for something that might help and she came across DMV study guide and was ecstatic about it.  She told me that it gave her high hopes and assurance that she can make it through the exams.  She’s now persistence in having her own driver’s license in less time and effort.

She even checked some sites so she can have more knowledge in getting her license and was delighted to know that she can have some driving information while online. She said that she never knew that it can be that easy.  I’m happy to see her enjoying life while being this successful in her field.  I know and I believe that one day I will be able to see her driving her own car and telling me that she passed the exams with flying colors.

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