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Baby Moves

Nathan’s first time in Mall of Asia happened last Saturday.  At first we initially planned to visit our old house in Pasay because our neighbor kept on asking for him.  But since it was searing hot and we can’t do anything except watched on TV we decided it’s time for him to hit the mall.  And he did it! He kept on looking everywhere and he was an observer! If he wants to sleep he will just whined for his milk and that’s it, he’ll sleep in our arms. And then wakes up with a smile on his cute little face. What a baby! 

I’m so proud with our baby, and we are all happy for him. We will try to do it again sometimes but we shouldn’t forget his stroller, sometimes he wanted to lay down and just play.  

He will have his first birthday party to attend next month and I can’t wait for that to happen! 

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