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Happy Reunion

I just didn’t let them know how excited I was for our high school reunion.  I was about to see my long time friends and buddies after 10 years or more since I haven’t got much time to meet them when someone came back from abroad.  I’m curious to know how they look like or what happened to their lives after high school and college. 


And it didn’t disappoint me, seeing them and talking to them from the moment I step on the venue in our old high school.  It brings back all our high school memories.  I had my best days in that school with them.  I laugh, cried and fight with them.  And looking at them makes no difference at all they’re still my old high school friends whom I really adore.  I am so proud of what they achieved in life, one is now a OB-Gyne, a successful nurse in the US, a mechanical engineer who owns a trading company and many others.  But above all this, they are still down to earth and willing to help each other and anyway they can.

 I had a time of my life taking pictures of them and even after our videoke stint near the area, we had some coffee in a 24/7 fast food and we talked till we saw the sun rise outside.  That’s how we really missed each other.  

We once called our all girls group as "Terrific Girls" only 3 didn't make it that night because they from abroad.
We headed to the nearest videoke club after the party.

and we kept on talking and talking till morning :)

I am looking forward to see them all again next Sunday before our friend left to US.  

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