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Happy 6th Month!

It’s baby Nathan’s 6th month and we’re so excited that he reached his 6th month as a healthy, cheerful and happy baby. I met with my sister in SM Sucat to buy his cake and I almost run out of cake flavours to choose from so I settle for an ordinary cake where you can put enough messages for Nathan. I can only smile when the crew showed me the cake with the icing dedications showing Happy 6th birthday instead of 6th month but he hurriedly fixed it and put Happy 6th month birthday instead. Ha-ha!

Hubby came home late but he said he will make it up one day. He’s just too busy at his work and with lots of adjustments on their projects. I can’t believe Nathan can be this big and jolly after 6 months. He can now sit and stand for a few seconds and he now knows how to hold if he thinks he’ll fall. With all the picture taking and a special dinner, I am so happy knowing that we come this far raising our baby Nathan.

Happy 6th Month, baby Nathan! We love you so much!! :)

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