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Company Event

My sister is a bit worried that she was assigned to spear headed their company’s annual celebration. It’s her first time to do this and is very anxious to make it memorable to everyone. Her special team is making plans as earliest as possible and she talked about having promotional items to be given away to their customers who will attend the said event. I think that’s one great idea and these items is popular among many offices. She happily list down all the possible promo items.

But one thing I noticed among all the company celebrations I attended is their personalized pens, it is popular among all souvenirs and is very useable to the office and sometimes comes with different style and chic designs. I once collected company pens as souvenirs and just put it on my pen holder. But my favourite among these company promo items is their personalized mugs, not only useable but also made me proud to display it on my office table. With this, I hope my sister can now think on what promo items to use in their upcoming anniversary. I wish her all the luck with that.

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