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Memory Lane

Being with my high school friends at the 2nd part of our high school reunion brings back all the memories of my happy days at school. My 3rd and 4th year in high school were the most memorable time for me and I got to bond with my classmates and friends more because we all know how closer you can get for almost 4 years of being together. I can see familiar faces in the crowd aside from my class mates but I admit I’m having a hard time recognizing them anymore. The truth is we change, mostly in our physical appearances. Ha-ha! When I pass one table I heard someone whispering to the woman beside her and they’re talking about me. When I take a closer look at them, they wave at me shyly and I found out that they were my cadet’s during our CAT class and I'm their officer. Despite of being this huge, I’m so happy they still recognize me. And I called out my other class mate to have our picture taken for souvenir. I may not be able to see them anymore with our busy lives these days.

My classmates. I was so happy that most of them are now very successful in their chosen careers.

At our classroom in the second floor building of the school but my class mate who happens to be the Values teacher in that school also said it was renovated to be the school library.

A red wine cheers with my highs chool buddies :)

The organizers promised we will have another reunion after 5 years. I will look forward to see them all again.

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