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Pet Stories

I have this passion these past few days to read something about dogs. I see to it during my idle time to browse for some heroic deeds of our canine friends to their human families. I had some teary eyed moments every time I read stories of great rescues of those unfortunate pets and the healing power they gave to people who were in great sorrow. I cried a bucket of tears after I watched the movie of Richard Gere entitled Hachi: A dog‘s tale and based on a true story of dog’s loyalty to his master even after his death that happened in Japan. I laughed and cried in the movie, Marley and Me and this is about the story of one struggling family together with their Labrador dog named Marley. That made me read more about great stories about dogs.

As a dog lover like them, I appreciate all their efforts in making their dogs happy and treated like a member of their family. How they keep on looking for their pets amidst the tornado, earthquake and tsunami that devastated their properties. I bow to those who gave time and efforts to rescue these pets and reunite with their families. Someday, I want to be a part of these mission and I will help any way I can for our beloved four legged friends. J

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