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♥ 9th Month! ♥

It’s baby Nathan’s 9th month today and I am so happy that he’s growing up way too fast! He already has 6 milk teeth (4 upper front teeth and 2 lower front teeth) and he made it without getting sick. He had a mild fever of 37.5 degree Celsius last night but he’s well now after taking up some paracetamol for babies.

I asked Mom to cooked pansit canton, one of our favorite from my Mom’s golden hands while I and Nathan with my sister went to meet with my friends in Makati to get the toy car a friend gave to Nathan before she leave to France this mid August. She said it her advance birthday gift and Nathan was so delighted. I take the opportunity to buy Nathan’s cake before we headed home. We were so tired but my family was there to celebrate Nate’s special day. Aubrey said he can’t wait for Nathan’s first birthday. 3 more months and I’m keeping my hands busy already.

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