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Change of heart

Some tends to smoke when it’s cold and I noticed some when they are thinking deeply.  I also know some people who are doing it when they want to relax and to release some tensions.  On my part, I tend to eat a lot when I’m stressed and that makes me less and less thinking to start on my diet and that’s my real problem.   But since its rainy seasons here, I noticed my office mates smoking in a covered area outside our office instead on their usual place under the mango tree.  They were having small talks during break and I happened to passed by one day and I noticed a nice smell in the air.  I wonder why when I saw smokes everywhere. 


A colleague happens to be a regular in that area replied to me that it’s all worth it when I asked him about the vapor smoke.  He said that’s the reason why he didn’t smell terrible when going back to our office that is fully air conditioned.  And he’s right, he is sitting beside me on my desk and I knowing my keen sense of smell, I will surely notice it.  Maybe he’s right on the idea because he forgets his old hobby of normal smoking.  It will help his health too.  

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