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Rest Day

I was planning for a quiet celebration on my birthday this coming August. I’ve been celebrating tired every year because I’m doing the market buying and cooking and I want to change that this year. So I thought of just going to a fancy restaurant or a pizza place to celebrate with my family.

And at night I plan to relax with my hubby since I will be on leave the day after. I was tempted to try one site giving big discounts to its member availing their voucher. It’s my first time and I choose on a spa giving 50% on their fee when you avail the voucher, it has an option of paying through bank deposit or through Pay Pal which is very convenient for me. After availing the spa voucher, I printed the one with the voucher number so I can show it to them before the massage time. Of course, I availed two vouchers for me and hubby and it will be a perfect relaxation moment for us and on my birthday. And maybe if I’m satisfied with the service, I can try with their other offers like big discounts in hotel accommodations, travel, foods and beauty.

I will add another year on my age, but that’s another story.

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