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Happy Days

My boss is happy nowadays, when we asked him on some tips he can share to us from being so care free and happy.  He replied that he just contented on what is going on with his life these day.  He said that he was able to invest his money in stocks and was delighted to know that it's going well. We became too curious about it since we knew that in time we needed some good investments for our future and for our children.  He became our inspiration and we wanted to be like him in terms of doing some good business. 

I kept thinking to encourage my husband to try it and make our boss to be a living proof that it works well even without that much money. During break time, our boss lectures us about stock picks and all the benefits of it.  I thought I can continue doing that even when the time comes that I need to resign from my work to focus more on raising our son.  I can even help my husband in saving for our dream house.  Good thing my boss is willing to help us, he said he really wanted to share his blessings. 

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