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Overnight Stay

Honestly, I’m having a second thought of coming to my friends get together in Marriott Hotel. The fact that it’s an overnight stay, I’m feeling guilty that I will take away the only chance we had during weekend, family bonding. But my very understanding hubby insists I should go, its free and not every day that you will have a chance to stay in a 5 star hotel.

I really missed my friends, sometimes online chat is not enough to talk about how life is going in each and every one of us. So I gathered my things, my laptop, my SLR camera and some toiletries and headed to the hotel and meet with my friends. And the rest is history. We just enjoyed every minute together, we ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak restaurant, relax at Coffee Bean and tried the Jacuzzi and sauna that was really relaxing but I choose to dip in the bubble bath tub back in our hotel room.

It’s an overnight stay and the following day is the realization that we have to go home and we were all having a head ache by the lack of sleep. We ate lunch at Pancake house then I’m the first one to get a taxi cab. It’s all worth it. I wish we can have that moment again some other time. Thank God for having friends like them. I feel so lucky.

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