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Too Fast

Baby Nathan is growing up too fast. Sometimes I wonder I might leave working from the office because of his tremendous energy and the oldies can’t keep on his pace anymore. He’s learning to sit on his own and stand slowly. That’s why we need to be very careful and can’t even leave him alone even for a minute. His reflexes are fast and he can get whatever he wants to get in a second.

We are so happy having baby Nathan. It wipes away everything. He laughs and smiles at you the moment you set your foot on the door and he jumps up and down like he never saw you for a week. He even sings with you (humming style) and they said he will be a singer like us someday.

Last night, I was about to take a picture of him wearing only his diaper but I can’t get it right because the moment I said, Nathan smile! He will crawl fast to me and we can only laugh on that. But anyways, one day, I’m sure I will be able to have a good shot of him. And his Daddy is so proud of his baby on his everyday progress. I can smell another trip to Toy Kingdom

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