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Something New

My friend suddenly called me if I’m interested in buying a new house. I was surprised to know that she make a sudden career change and switch in real estate when she has a promising career in a logistics company before. But I know she can pull it through because she’s really good in marketing when we’re still both in college and she can apply all her knowledge on her newly found career now. She said she’s using the top producer to aid her to be a successful agent someday, she still needs some good support and she can’t wait to make more money on it.

For a start, she’s offering me some ecofriendly homes and my hubby is excited about it, we are dreaming of owning an environment friendly house and we are ecstatic to tour the place. They said it can save you a lot in terms of energy and a lot more but we worry on how expensive getting a house like that but she said we can still manage to own one and she promise that it will be within our budget. I can only wish that this year will be the best year to start our life anew with a new house, well, it may come true.

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