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Fully Booked

First day of December and the weather keeps on changing that makes you want to sleep, sleep and sleep all day. But that won’t happen if you have a one year old cute little boy who’s very active and wants to play all the time when he’s awake. But when a family member want’s to baby sit Nathan, that’s the only time I can have my afternoon nap. Nathan sometimes wake up at 6am and there’s nothing more you can do but to wake up because he will do anything to caught your attention and he’ll make certain sounds until you’re fully awake.

I'll be very busy this month. College get together, my cyber friends meet ups, high school buddies dinner and our family get away are the reasons why I am fully booked on weekends. It may be costly but that’s why December is the busiest month for me. Christmas is fast approaching and I hope all is well in my family. God bless us all :)

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