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A Happy Celebration

We had a really good time today..aside that my stomach feels so full until now... and before we go to bed for another week of working... (zzzzzz....) the night is not yet over.

I woke up so early and fed Chase who kept on waking us up so he can do his morning routines. I saw the chickens my father bought from the province roaming around our dirty kitchen (looking for their food, i guess) so, and i prepared their breakfast too...

And when i saw Mama coming out from their room...I greeted her Happy Mothers day and pretend to bite her.. my sweet gesture...Come lunch, Tito Na, came by to celebrate his birthday with us. Our family is one big family... so we needed two cars for us to fit in. We drove to Alabang town center and found out that Gerry's grill was overflowing with customers!... No one from our group wants to transfer to other resto since its too late and everyone was so hungry to walk (hehehe) and so, we all gathered around just talking and waiting for our turn..

We ordered lots of food to satisfied our hungry stomach and asked one of their crew to prepared the mango cream pie we bought from red ribbon and he shyly smile when we sing a happy birthday song to him... actually, everyone was looking at us, and we are sing softly as if we are whispering to each other... hahaha!

The guys, still unfinished with their talkings, settled in at Starbucks and some brought the kids to Time Zone only i found out that the older ones was the one enjoying playing the games...its getting hot, we decided to go back to Laguna... We chant, ice cream! ice cream! to Tito Na and he obliged to bought 1 gallon of ice cream and my mom cooked another pansit and everybody ate again!

To top it all... everyone seems to enjoy our day out today.... we are complete except for my bro whose in Qatar. We parted ways going back to our own houses but i know, we needed that break to keep us together...

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