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Sunny Sunday

Sunday is about to end..... and im happy about it.... my sis got his new laptop.... a hp/compaq notebook and its really cute! they came here in our house to get it coz my hubby installed some really nice applications. In turn, she ordered Pizza hut for us... i could have ask for a mass ..! Usually, she will always asked me to pay half of the total bill.. and i guess she's really happy with her new sleek and hightech "friend" that she suggested for a pizza delivery without looking on my way asking for a sharing...

We stroll around SM manila, and she drove all the way there! Whoa! Thats one nice news!!!

Well, its Monday again tom.... and the next public holiday will be on June! Hmpt! I hope every weekdays have a 1 day non working holiday...hehehe... then, it would be much better....

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