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On Dieting

I used to have of what they called, yummy body (hahaha!) ... i remember after graduation and i was hired as graphics staff in my first company, i can wear tshirt or blouse with a whooping size of small to medium... just imagine that my height is 5'5". And i can wear anything under the sun without being conscious on how would i look like. But those were the days....now, those sexy dresses was now with my niece and looking at me, she can't only have few words to say..."tita, sayang..."

Well, she's pertaining to my waistline now... as if im drinking too much beer everyday... a huge beer belly... (hahaha!) now, im laughing to myself now... I can't even stop eating at night even if i set my mind not to... my hubby is such a tease! When he noticed that im not eating ... the following night..he would bring yummy foods... and sometimes called for Mcdo delivery! So, what made me look like what i am now... my hubby!!! hehehe... but i'm not blaming him though..its my choice to eat... and only me that needs discpline on eating. Guess i need it now...

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1 shared their thoughts:

Anonymous said...

gudluck on your dieting girl...harharhar