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Do you know this game? well, in our office 2 or 3 years ago (i think) milet started this on her pc.. she used to play it during idle times at work. And then she finally introduced it to us. To play, we just used a small window and ready our fingers to alt-tab at the keyboard to change the window when there were bosses around... we went ga-ga over this game and we even played altogether to see whose got the highest point. At some point, we are all teary eyed coz our eyes were fixed at the monitor. That's how tumblebugs, tumbles on our office life.

Well, officemates come and go.. and now i think only two of us remained in the original players of Tumblebugs (hehehe, last man standing) but i never played again since.

Last Saturday, i saw the tumblebugs shortcut on our desktop pc.. my hubby was able to save all the games from our previous pc and then he and his nephew Mico relived the times that all i think of doing when i got home was to play tumblebugs... I did tried it once again though... and i'm happy that i reached level 9 in just one playing.

I'm still good, you know... =)

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