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Things to DO

Its TGIF again! and i've got lots of things to do...I need to go to Laguna, coz Chase (my pet dog) was already there waiting for me.. he has an 8in1 vaccine for his vet tomorrow and he badly needs that. That means, i won't spend my night with my hubby! huwaaah!! he can't came with me... he needs to stay in our home to attends on Tatay's needs.

Our birthday boy, Mickey Perz (of PBB2 edition) invited us to his celebration on Sunday, June 1. It is his 24th birthday! hmm... i still need to think if i could come.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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1 shared their thoughts:

Redel said...

hello :D
done with the technorati tag.

anyway, i tagged you also. lol.

have a nice weekend too :D