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Mye Blog - the beginning

Opps, i noticed i didn't blog yesterday... .. milet helped me to improve my site and benefit from blogging. I got so excited that we chat online yesterday afternoon that after she said bye, work loads filed up in my table.. =) but, i finished it ok so no need for the guilty feeling.

Actually, shes the one who introduced me into blogging.. and i kinda hesitated at first coz im not into internet. I like and love to read books, singing and playing my music. But blogging? well. there will always be a first time.. and here i go now... posting more than 50 posts and whenever events or happenings in my life, i get so excited to tell you guys about it.. no, its not so excited, its overly excited.. hehehe...

So now, i got to see a wider world of blogging... new friends, new chatmates.. and i'm so happy and glad about it..

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