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Another Fun This Weekend

My hubby informed me last week that they will have a team building/outing somewhere in Calamba, Laguna this weekend. Never i know that their partners will be included and the children should stay home.

It will be my first time to join in with his department's outing since i only joined him during their company's family day. But now, all their partners are included in this activities and its spells F-U-N! I hesitated at the moment, when i think of maybe some of his office buddies will joke on me for being fat. Coz, i knew most of them when I still working of their company. But he said its okey, and told me that at least his officemates will know that I'm living a 'healthy' life with him..haha! And he told me i can blend (hunyango? lol!) and go along with anyone else in the crowd and make them smile and laugh with my antics. He is so sure that i will fit in.

Okey cge, with all the flattering remarks, I'm touched..and i know he will really feel sad if i don't come so i said, yes.

Since we live near the public market place, they requested him to buy the food for their breakfast on Monday (yes, Monday.. that means i need to take a leave from work). They want tinapang bangus, itlog na maalat (salted egg) and kamatis (tomatoes) with fried rice. Sounds yummy!

Must have fun this weekend!

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