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No Time

Its been a busy and worried week for me and my hubby. Monday night, my hubby sense somethings wrong with his father. He is usually pale from sickness but that night was different. And so he decided to go to the hospital and from there, and from the result of his previous laboratory tests, the doctor decided to admit Tatay. His hemoglobin dropped from a normal 12 to 6 and he needed a blood transfusion right that very moment.

And from that admission, further tests shows that his kidney suffered much that the doctor recommended dialysis.... and he has pneumonia. My hubby joked him "bumingo ka na, Tay!" coz aside from that, he has also high blood pressure, rheumatism, and diabetes. But deep inside he is worrying not only because his doctor is asking us to ready a P50k monthly for his dialysis and the first 2-day sessions scan costs us P24k but because my hubby thinks his 67 year old father can still enjoy life if he just choose to enjoy it. But he chooses to embrace his sickness and now he can't even move a muscle to walk.

Tatay is about to discharge from the hospital today. Most of his sisters and other relatives are in the house now waiting for him, they need to discuss something very important as my hubby told me last night.

As for me, i just wait for whatever outcome. I just be on my hubby's side, make him smile and remind him not to worry much. And my family will just be there for us and God will see us through.

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1 shared their thoughts:

milet said...

naku mahirap yan. andami namang sakit ng tatay ni jhon.

teka pala, anong update sa paid blogging mo ? nagenroll ka na ba sa payu2blog.com atsaka bloggerwave ?