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Pretty Gifts

I'm in luck today. My sister arrived from HK last night and she immediately give her 'pasalubong' to me. It is a Esprit pants and i really like it! She also gave Giordano while polo shirt for my hubby. When it comes to shopping, we are worlds different, and i must admit, you have to buy me things that are so expensive but i won't buy it myself (ha ha ha!) But I will not say NO for those gifts from a generous giver, who wouldn't like it? And I'm glad i have a sister who are so generous like her. When she bought something on impulse and then later realized that it won't fit her or she doesn't really like it all, she will give it to us whole heartedly. And no more questions, we will grabbed it (hehe). I sent a message to thank her.

And a former officemate of my hubby gave him this cute miniature Petronus Twin Tower of Malaysia (he works now in one of the IT company there). Before, hubby told his officemates that maybe this friend of his had 'tampo' with him coz he can only heard news about him through his boys. But when he came home last week, he called my hubby and treat them to dinner. And suddenly he said that he was so thankful that my hubby gave him the opportunity to be like where he is right now and that in time, he will return to him and ask him if he is still welcome to his group (huwaah!! that was so sweet!) My hubby told him that he will display this twin towers to his table to remind him another one sweet thing left by his subordinates who are making great names in the IT field abroad.

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3 shared their thoughts:

lira said...

like the color..looks so neat.

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milet said...


tag you. http://belles-lettresofmilet.romelettedlopez.com/2008/06/17/a-simple-healing-prayer/

Pretty Life Online said...

this reminds me of our trip to malaysia last febraury... Happy tuesday! Hope to see you always around at my corner.