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A blissfull Wedding

I'm happy to hear news of people that are getting married. Those stories of love, pain and gain and finally the moment of truth. I'm talking to my office mate whose friend and her office mate in their head office are getting married and she's the candle sponsor. She's telling me details on the wedding dress, the motifs, some gown arrangements and she's asking me about my church wedding years ago. Those preparations, pressures, headaches, schedules and on detailing every plans are the most hard jobs for the couples, especially for the bride to be.

I remember those wedding blues, aside from the fact that I'm really on the diet that time, and i really wanted to eat (haha!) and I'm so stressed that every wrong moves and failed plans sent me crying out load to my room and made my hubby (bf that time) scratching his head because he can't seems to pacify me (and my topak). But over all, we really had so much fun preparing for our wedding, he was keen to every details and he helped me a lot. And one thing I can't forget during our marriage seminar in Malate Church, he made all those fellow couples a dose of his humor and gave them quite a laugh.

I knew it well, and if i had to remarried again to my hubby, i surely know now what to do. After our wedding, i knew it's not that perfect as many bride dream off, i don't like some things happened that day, but all the wishes and greetings and nice comments that our wedding are so cute and well prepared chased all my disappointments away.

And i went to a site that tell tales on what happened to their weddings and it made me smile. I'm not alone after all. There's a forum there where the poster named the thread as 'Visitors from hell' =) for those who eat and run, taking all the souvenirs, doing their own stuffs in the middle of the program, bringing their children even if the invitation stated "for adults event" only and many more. And for my own 'pasaway' visitors, well, i just think, I'm happy and very pretty that day and no one can ever made me frown.

Above all that, the most important thing is that your happy, you and your hubby are blessed to be together forever. That day is the most important date of your lifetime. That God made you as one. And yes, I love weddings!

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