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I'm Your Angel

After a long time, we finally used the Pioneer component my hubby bought as his Christmas gift to himself last year. I'm referring to our battle of singers in our house. Since he bought the compo, we haven't tried the using it to sing. But this time, I bought a series of VCD karaoke at Astroplus in MOA last week and I'm urging him to try to sing a song with me coz I know he's not use in singing with duets.

My hubby was a band lead singer before in his company and he was also a school choir singer (tenor) since his elementary days. And we know his voice can make places if he wants to pursue it and he even passed in the PETA audition. But his college course was way different, so he dropped the opportunity and instead work his way as engineer. And now you can only hear him singing while taking a shower or doing his work in front of his laptop. Due to his work load, he even resigned in his band to concentrate on his projects.

I'm into singing also and because of that we met when they held an audition for the company choir to perform in the 20th anniversary of the company. To make the long story short, we both made it in the choir, we had an applauded performance that night in PICC and that year, we became officially on.

So last Monday, i asked him to sing a love duets by Celine Dion and R. Kelly, "I'm your Angel" but he said he doesn't know the man part of the song.. I insisted and he tried singing with me without a microphone ( he is so vain with his voice). Our voices blend. And few more practices, we will be able to perfect the song. And I am so happy I get him to sing again. I missed that.

(You can find the lyrics of the song in the bottom page)

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