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Most of my officemates are sick today. And we know that it was all due to change of weather. Good thing there's still some medicines left in our medicine cabinet and advised them to rest at home. So expect them not to come to the office tomorrow.

Last week,Vince my nephew visited his pediatrician, he has a high fever overnight and he had cough and flu. His 'Tita Doc' advised him to take a rest from schooling for the rest of the week and needs a water therapy all though out. My other niece Reine, was so happy that she got all the baon of Vince like zesto and chocolait and all those sweets.

We should be extra careful especially these days when after a hot day suddenly it will rains. Though a little extra loads going to office, I see to it that I have a jacket, extra slipper and umbrella with me. And i took some Vitamins C now coz I hate to get sick.

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