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Our company life is getting bigger and better. When we thought that they are giving their employees enough benefits to enjoy this year, more are coming to our surprise. And surely, I love our HR manager for that. She’s been the ace of all the ideas by giving all the privileges and benefits meant for us since she join the company. When Tatay last hospitalization before he died really caught us in a “zero” budget, our company was there to give me the emergency loan just a week after I applied for it. When Ondoy left our country men in deep troubles, they initiate of giving their affected employees financial support to start anew. Our health care benefits are more gracious now, having more adds-on in the lists which surely lessen the burden of paying when we want to avail it. Papa started to feel his old age now, and he mostly complains his cough and chest pain. We know how much is the cost of the medicines nowadays, but our company gave us this medical reimbursement benefits which they raised double on the last quarter of this year. I can hear the rumor of the compensation increase, but we can only wish for that. Oh, I hope it will come true =)

But above all that, we are happy that they always care for our welfare. I know every employee in our company can feel that. I have here but praises for them. And I hope more to come =) Raise the roof for that (with matching round of applause) =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

lapit na bonus din. hahah.