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Garage Sale

Garage sale on my mom’s and sister’s village in Laguna is common. The neighborhoods are participating because they can really buy something useful from furniture, fixtures, and appliances to dresses, bags and among other things. When I saw the sign of "garage sale today" just across mom’s house, I asked them to just take a look on the sale items. I asked the lady inside the house on why they are selling almost all their belongings. She said her family will be migrating to US next month. I thought that is a good idea. At least they can use the money as their pocket money abroad.

And then I saw something that my eyes went wide. It’s a computer chair! I been asking hubby to buy me a new one. My old one was now just a plain chair, the up and down handle is stacked, the back rest was flipped aside (thanks to my nephew and niece, he-he). So I asked the lady how much is her computer chair, and she said, P200 ($4.08). Really?!

I even lower down the price (ha-ha!) but she said that the she purchased the chair few months ago and she used it personally. I never hesitated and bought it right away because it’s true, it really looks like brand new. So from now on, I will always check on every garage sale banner whenever I go to Laguna. I might stumble on something useful in a bargain price again. =)

Here's the picture of the chair I've been telling you. Nice, right?

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