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First Try

I did try to bake on my new oven 2 nights ago and I turned out to be good!  I’m afraid that being a first timer would lead my bakes into a disaster but it turned out to be so yummy (according to the taste testers).  I was guided by the food magazine I bought in the mall last month and I see to it that I have all the ingredients it requires.  It is called “food for the gods” goodies and it has lots of nuts and raisins (in replace of date fruits) and that makes them expensive so I want it to be perfectly baked.


Hubby said I can make a small business out of it but I want to try more before I venture to that idea.  So all I want to do is to bake and let them taste it to decide if its good or the taste is disastrous =) So far, the first bake got a passing grade and that made me feel that I should go for more.  I’m still trying to figure out on how to make a space out of our small kitchen so I can have my baking utensils and ingredients in one place but I guess the answer is to have a new cabinet for them (he-he).  Well, I still have a long way but I am truly enjoying my new hobby.


Here’s the picture of my newest creation though originally, it should be sliced in 2” bar, wrap in foil and then with colored cellophane.


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