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For the first time this year, I caught this irritating cough that causing me some sleepless nights.  I tried my usual cough medicine but the ever changing weather is not helping me recover.  I’ve been in and out of a hot-cold environment and my body is not responding well and the results, cough with headache and my body aches a lot. 

Recent news said that another typhoon (named Santi) is coming to town on or before this weekend. Just in time for the Halloween celebration.  I just hope it will move its way and spare our country in further harm.  It’s really hard to recover from all the losses that these past two typhoons brought us.  Also, we will offer a special mass for Tatay this Friday at St. Andrew Cathedral and some of hubby’s relatives will be coming over. 

November 2 (Monday) was declared as a special non-working holiday.  Just in time that I really need to rest this weak body of mine.  We have plans of going to Laguna but it depends if it rains a lot.  I’m still under medication and we will be back to the doctor next week.  I’m still expecting a lot to happen this year.  Let’s pray for that.

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