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Panic Buying

When my hubby sent me a message asking me to do some groceries, I never thought I will be entering a panic zone. People were overcrowding this Puregold store in multinational Paranaque branch and as if everybody is in panic buying. Items like candles, matches, breads, noodles, batteries and can goods are the things I’ve noticed in everyone’s push carts. And it’s been one of the tiring days for the merchandisers of the grocery store because they keep on refilling the empty rack always. That’s the result of our government announcement that this new typhoon “Pepeng” can build up in becoming a super typhoon by tomorrow afternoon.

There are also some texts messages circulating around that Meralco will cut out the power at 9pm this evening and many more things that can cause a person to panic. But that was just a rumor and their speculations. We need to tune in to our radio and televisions or the announcement of our barangays units or government enforcers so we should know the better way to stay safe. But most of all, the power of prayer is the best way so we can survive this storm.

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