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I love it!

My long awaited Elba gas range! Yey!!

When hubby forwarded me an email from their company informing their employees that they decided to give them their 13th month, I thought that was way too early! But then, it justified the reasons that it can be a big help for those who suffers from Ondoy floods. And then an idea entered his mind. We went to SM Appliances store and bought me one thing he knows I wanted most, an oven. I know I sometimes I think impulsively, especially in buying things because it is really expensive. But my husband will just remember what it is and he never promises, but one day when he had a chance he’ll going to go for it. It is one of the many positive traits of my dearest hubby. He said it’s his anniversary gift for me. And that I should learn the cookers manual. Bake lot of goodies and cakes and pastries for him.

But I know he’s so happy seeing me happy. And I'm so thankful that I have him and his love made me stronger. Sometimes felt so sad deep inside though I am trying my best to chase all the blues away. You know what we are longing for and we really wanted most, but we never stop praying and believing. And I guess that’s one thing that keeps us going (emote...emote...)

But for now, here’s my newest baby! Black and shiny! Now I can continue my baking dreams =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

happy anniversary. halos pareho tayo ng oven kaso ung sa kin walang electric. puro de gas ung sa taas.

kasama nyo ko magpray sa inyo.