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Under Medication

Many of my friends asked me about my recent YM status that says “under medication”. Well yes, I’m into it because we decided to once again try to seek medical attention so I can conceive. I been long frustrated on the idea because I’ve been taking so many medicines and coming back and forth to the OB Gyne and I felt I’ve been drugged for so many years =)

I will try to loose some weight and I hope I can carry on though hubby is teasing me about it. I still ate rice at night when I can’t help it (ha-ha!) My Auntie advised me to drink Banaba tea that will help unclogged any air in my abdomen but the idea of drinking herbal teas make me throw up. I really don’t want the smell of it but I will at least give it a shot. Who knows? 

I’ve been under medication aside from the usual meds I’m taking in because the result of my paps smear indicated that I have some inflammation on my v-wall. With all those medicines, it’s making me feel so tired, my stomach is rumbling and I felt so uneasy. I want to take a week rest from work and sleep and lay down all day but it’s not possible. My left ear is throbbing again and I wish it stop because I’m feeling the pain again. 

And I just hope I can find ways to feel good despite the uncomfortable feelings. Tomorrow is Friday and weekend sounds fun to me =)

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