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Five Years

October 16, 2004 marked the many changes in my life. We got married and the feeling was wonderful. Despite of many difficulties on his side (relative wise) it was a perfect wedding for me. Perfect because I know that we can be together forever at last. I guess every woman dreamed of that.

Not anybody knows that when I was still in college and I passed everyday in Malate Catholic church on my way home, I had grown this fondness at the place. I told my friends that someday, I want to get married on this church and I did. Hubby never suggested any other church when I told him about that. He simply said that the place is wonderful and beautiful and he surprised his mom when they went to hear a mass at the church and then he looked for the church office after and made a reservation.

Now it’s been five years since we had that vow of loving each other for life. There are so many up and downs in our relationship, not mainly about each other but we always made it through it. Our first year was a big adjustment especially for me. I was so independent and carefree and I want things my way but after so many realizations, I found out that I have to give that out and let my husband lead the way. Now, when we argue on some things, after few minutes where laughing it out loud and ended it with a huge smile and a big hug.

I love the way he supported me with my dreams and plans. He never told me to do this or do that but instead he let me grow up and have my own moments. I guess loving this amazing man is the most wonderful thing in this world. I often asked him especially when were about to sleep if he loves me, and he would automatically said, “super!” I don’t know why I am doing that when I knew the answer but it made me feel more secure. I wanted to end my night listening to his I love you’s =) I am so very happy that I married such a wonderful man.

And when I took a break and went down for just a few minutes, I came back to finish this one but I saw a white envelope with a card inside. Hubby never forgets to greet me in a traditional way.

I got to let you know some of his message. Here goes:

“Guess what? It’s our 5th year anniversary! …..At times I almost would want to turn around and just quit… But each time I do, you’re right there honey, telling me to go on and fight back. Thank you for the love.....I really am happy, in fact, very happy and don’t forget, I love you very much!!!”

I was so touched that I can really feel on his emotions. He can be tough outside but you can always see the soft in him. In a very gentle ways. I guess few people who are really close to him can only know that. Your right honey, I will always be there for you and you know how much I love you =)

Happy Anniversary, Haney Jhon!

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About Me said...

Oh.. He's so sweet, no?

Happy Anniversary Mye, Wish God Blessed you and Jon always.

I do remember your wonderful wedding.. yep! I do the second reading :D