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Weekend Report

Back to work again, I really enjoyed my weekend plus a holiday. Would you believe we really spent 2 days by just staying at home? Oh, yes, hubby was possessed by an angel and he decided to have a general cleaning on our room and in the room of my mother in-law. What I did was I explored my cooking skills by doing a homemade pizza. We bought all the ingredients in the supermarket and instead of expensive mozzarella cheese, I used cheddar and it taste great! By the time hubby finished doing his own tasks, he was full on my pizza and almost night time to go out anymore =)

First day of December, I’m almost done in wrapping all the gifts for the youngsters. I still have to think some unique gifts for the oldies. I can now feel the cold breeze in the morning and everywhere I go, you can say that it is already Christmas. I can’t think of anything to give to hubby this year. I would like to order online for his favorite international beers but that is my last options. But he really wanted that, when we went to Subic Bay last Wednesday, he searched some wine/beer stores in the area but his brand is not available. I guess I have to decide as early this week or else, I will not have that much time since I have to do the buying online.

I’m still have full schedule this weekend. I hope I can attend all of it without falling sick. I am so prone to sickness every December and I really hate the feeling. I hope it will spare me this time. Please! =)

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