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Oatmeal Cookies

I am so hooked to Pinoy Big Brother (PBBDU) show and I enjoy talking to my newly found friends in the internet that I know I am neglecting to do some things I planned to accomplish this year.   And one of them is baking.  When a friend asked me if I can make oatmeal cookies for her, I thought I never tried doing that.  But as I browse the recipes in my favorite baking site, I have this urge to give it a try.  Last night, I went to the local store and bought some easy to cook oatmeal and after watching my favorite show, I proceeded in making my first time cookies.  I put a little of walnuts and lots of cashew nuts plus raisins to make it taste good.


I found out that the tray I bought is too big for my oven so I had to do something to make it fit.  I have to remind myself to buy baking sheets for my cookies next time.  I’m starting to buy my baking utensils one by one though I know the next thing after that is to have my own cabinet.  This is really getting expensive but very fulfilling hobbies =) I hope I can make business out of it someday.  

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1 shared their thoughts:

Len said...

these cookies look delicious! mye this is arlene and i already have a new blog. please change my link na lang.. i've added you na :)