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Business Trips

Hubby’s 2010 work schedules are quite hectic. Aside from the merging of their two companies, of course they had other new big bosses to consider. He needs to manage some new projects and proposals for his department. And the transitions are making them restless, sleepless and dead tired. Last week, they went to their Dumaguete office and he sometimes calls me that they still need to do a telephone conference with their US counterparts even after midnight (the time difference really hurts them a lot).

They are given just few hours to shop for some foods and delicacies to bring home. And I’m glad that he was able to buy my favorite sylvannas and meaty chicharon. My family really loves it.

Dumaguete's yummy pork chicharon, high blood hello! ha-ha!

Tomorrow, he and his colleagues will be leaving to Cebu City up to Friday for another business trip with their new boss. But this time I already bought multi vitamins capsules, for some extra energy. He’s so stressed and pressured and it will mean a lot to his health.

And I will be alone in the room again with our dog beside me tomorrow night (ha-ha!)

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