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Get Together

It was surely a night to remember.  Last Saturday was our first get-together with PBB housemate's Cathy Remperas.  After almost 3 weeks of preparations and budgeting, we finally pushed through with the plans and it was a huge success.  All the committees assigned to do some research on Cathy's relatives and friends made it through on the deadlines even if they only have ample time to collect all the videos and editing.  I was assigned in sending messages to the global supporters on Cathy abroad if they are willing to share or contribute for the event.  Some works on the tarps and wall decorations, others work on the souvenirs, t-shirts, cake and other things.  And I hosted the event.

When the time comes that you feel that this is it and there's no turning back, you can see on how we amazingly worked altogether to make this moment unforgettable for all of us and for those who attended the gathering.  Cathy shines like no other and her love and appreciation to each of her supporters really took away all the sleepless nights watching her in that reality TV show.  Even if we are tired on the 6-hour program it was all worth it.  Everybody went home happy and contented and with lots of pictures and memories to upload and reminisce on their computer.

In times of these, I greatly appreciate my hubby's understanding that his wife has to do other things like these aside from being at home or in the office or with my family.  I gained yet another friends and I'm very happy that I met and bond with them a lot. 

Cathy Remperas, simply stunning


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