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Karaoke Spree

We spent yet another fun filled day with Cathy last Saturday. After our visits to their shooting location in Rizal last week, I thought I should spare the weekend resting at home and because hubby just arrived from his business trip in Dumaguete City. But he said I can go with my friends and he will just stay and rest. And the rest is history =)

It is my first time (most of us actually) in Centerstage family KTV (in Tomas Morato), it was way too far from my place but it is where we could all meet from those who resides from North or South. It was quite a bonding; Cathy is really jolly and fun to be with. She ate her favorite foods, sings her heart out and tells funny and unseen moments from her stay in PBB house. She gamely dances and sings her favorite songs and she is like a kid having fun in the rain. I really like her positive attitude.

Many are requesting to do it again, but it takes a lot of patience in doing this meet ups, we need to consider Cathy’s schedule and commitments. But she promised that we will meet again if she’s free.

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