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Hubby is a certified jet setter for this month. He’s been to Dumaguete and now in Cebu in a span of 2 weeks. We picked him up in the terminal 3 airport and bring with him what I emailed him for the “pasalubong”. He said that this Cebu trip is more work relaxing rather than what they had in Dumaguete. They were pressured and rushed from the problems they encountered in their office and they have an ample time to stroll around and enjoy the city. Their hotel in Cebu was way much better and the foods are great, too.

The initial plans was I will follow him in Cebu so we can spend the weekend together but I backed out the last minute because 2 days is not enough for us to enjoy the place. And besides, I’ve been there before and my plan was to go the the nearby province of Cebu and that is, Bohol. And that is included in the next agenda. I hope we can push though the plans this summer.

And a trip to Cebu will never be completed without a stop by to the dried fish market in Taboan, Cebu. Hubby was able to meet a friend of mine (a fellow Cathy supporter) in Ayala, Cebu and she gave me a native necklace which is so in with my beach summer dress I recently bought. In return, I gave her some souvenirs items from our Cathyriffics get-together. I am so happy I had a change to give it to them though they are far away from here in Manila. By next week or so, I will meet the sister of another supporter in Canada so she can bring with her our souvenirs when she leaves for Canada this year.

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