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Good Week

I must say that it’s been a fulfilling week for me. I know there’s no great news or happenings but I am happy and contented that this week passed that I didn’t feel any stress at all. This is indeed new to me. Ha-ha.

We finally had our annual physical/medical exams last Wednesday. I’m not sure about my urine test but I have to be positive about it, that’s why I drink a lot of buco or coconut juice nowadays to help me clean my body toxins =)

I want to congratulate myself for doing a great job on my diet plans. I lessen the intake of carbo foods, I try not to eat after 6pm but I didn’t forget to eat afternoon snacks to help relieved my stomach from being hungry (though hubby is really tempting me to eat with him) and I exercise before I went to sleep using my abs blaster (good luck with that!). I like how it feels really good knowing that you’re slowly losing weight. I need to put in mind that self discipline is also a virtue. I really wanted to trim down and I pray that I can continue doing what I started.

I'm looking forward for a blessed weekend in our family. Thank God it's Friday! =)

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