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Swim and Splash

When hubby returned from his Cebu trip, my sister picked us up in our house and we went straight to our parents house in Laguna.  It’s been a while since we last visited them and my father and Vince kept asking me when to visit them again.


And seeing them and my family complete in one house really made me happy.  We talked till the wee hours of the morning and we suggested some place where we can spend the Holy Week next week.  But my sister is hesitating since my brother will arrive not until the first week or second week of April and she wants to wait for my brother till we can proceed with our family vacation.  With that change of plans, I guess I need to check on some other ways so hubby and I can still enjoy our work vacation together.


The following day, the kids are urging us to swim in the clubhouse, and since it was so hot and we badly needed a splash in the water we went to the swimming pool and we bought drinks and snacks for the kids.  We enjoyed our 2 hours of stay in the water.  And I was so amazed that Vince knows how to swim even on a 5-feet deep water and no one is teaching him how.  He is really like his father who’s a good swimmer too.


We will definitely going back again in Laguna next week. I suddenly missed the calm and peace surroundings in that place.

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