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Mangoes and Tacos

My father was known as one of the best gardener in his time.  It takes 20 years or more to perfected his craft and I never know that he can still managed to do some magic on his plants and trees.   

At 72, my father loves to do the garden, tends to it, feed his chickens, check on his plants and one of the amazing thing happened, our not so tall mango tree bear fruits that are big and looks very yummy.  And my sisters keep ganging on it that they reserved their share on the fruits even if it’s still way up there in the tree (ha-ha!) Well, everybody is enjoying looking at it because aside from the usual Papaya trees, that mango tree is the next big thing happened in our garden =) 


Before we leave, my aunt would like to taste our home made taco’s so I prepared all the ingredients and we let them taste it and they love it! They said they will make some on their home and will call me for some questions in case the taste went off (ha-ha!).  But I also got my cooking talent in my father’s only sister, I know she can pull it through :)

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