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Happy Father's Day!

Its daddy’s day all of the world today and greetings are flooding from various networking sites. When hubby washed and clean baby Nathan’s crib, our house help disassembled the crib without remembering how to assemble it again. So after a mind boggling hours of doing it all over again, hubby finally gave up and Nathan sleeps between us for the first time. When baby Nathan wakes up at 4am, I can see the look on his eyes that he’s wondering why he end up sleeping between his Dad and Mom, but I take that opportunity to let him wake his Daddy up by tapping his face with his small hands and finally Daddy open his eyes and we greeted him Happy Father’s Day!

I asked my Mom to cook something special for Papa since we can’t go there in our old house because of heavy rains. I planned to bring along Nathan in a small dinner treat for hubby but it’s raining hard so we end up going to Mall of Asia with just the two of us. I asked hubby where he wants to eat and he said he wants to eat blue marlin belly and so we dine in at Gerry’s Grill. This is the day when you appreciate how great the world is when you think of all the hard works our Dad's were doing for his family. And this is the day that we look back that after all these hard works they deserve all the glory in life for being a one tough guy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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