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Heavy Downpour

Typhoon Falcon caught us all by surprise today. With no storm signal raised within Metro Manila and classes of students was suspended later this afternoon after they were all gone to school, we experienced heavy rains and winds just when most of the employees and college students are about to go home. The local weather bureau announced late at night that Manila is under signal no. 1 and classes in elementary and high school is suspended tomorrow not because of the storm signal but because of many flooded areas rising up to chest deep.

Before I take off at the FX taxi I’m riding, it’s already raining cats and dogs. I thought to myself, this is not good. No strong umbrella and jacket can last to this kind of rain and winds. I saw how flooded the streets and roads going home and I’m all wet from head to toe walking to our house. I immediately take a warm shower because I’m afraid to catch cold or fever, not this time that baby Nathan sleeps beside us.

I took the picture below while riding the jeep going home. We’re passing through the main road that becomes a virtual water world.

I hope the rain will stop tomorrow. I like it when it’s not that hot, but not the heavy rains please.

Keep dry, blogging friends!

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