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White Hair

I love to look at my mini compact mirror when I feel bored.  It makes me feel better just by fixing my hair and check on some unwanted spots on my face.  But lately, I noticed a couple of white hair on my head and it made me realize that I’m really getting old (ha-ha!) but I know it’s not the basis of being old because I knew people having some white hairs on their early age.  But it’s my first time seeing white on my hair because they kept on saying every time I went to salon that I had a natural jet black hair.  So I knew it’s because I’m not getting younger anymore and I have to admit that in few years more, white hairs will be visible in my head (awww!).


There’s a myth that when you sleep while your hair is wet or when you pony your hair just after taking a bath, you will have white hair on your early age but I don’t think it’s true. I think it’s more on hereditary thing. But above all, I don’t care if I have white hairs now, it doesn’t matter, I’m happy with who I am right now, white hair or not. 

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