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When my eldest sister decided that it’s time to go back home and resigned in her job abroad, we know she needed to maximize her savings. She’s been working in other countries for so many years and just felt that she wanted to be with her family. She kept on planning for any business opportunities and or alternate work she can apply knowing how hard living nowadays without any regular job. She dreamed of becoming rich someday and I said she can do that if she knows how to negotiate her way to success.

My sister is quite shy in person and she’s really having a hard time making her way to other people. She’s always hesitating in making the first move but I believe with some proper training she can be successful and full of confidence even when not working abroad. We really wanted her to just stay here with us because we tend to worry on many things when one is away from the family and besides she not getting younger anymore and she needs to think to should focus more on her future. We really hope she can make it this time because she deserves to have all the best in her life now. We will all be here for her and pray for her success.

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