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Matters of the Heart

I’m having a heavy heart today but I know being down and sad won’t help solve the problem. It will just make things worse and I’ll start blaming them for what they became today. I’m tough; at least I know I am. Because if I’m not, I don’t know how will I ever help them. But anyways, at the end of the day, I know I will pull it through. I asked one sign to lighten up my heart, and it came an hour before I went home from work, a pizza delivery. And eating with your colleague while laughing at some jokes chase the blues away even for a meantime.

I always believe that with God’s help I can even move the mountains. I always pray for guidance because I fear that when I’m angry I tend to say things that I will regret later. So, I asked God to give me tons of patience and strength. I only want to live in this world happy and contented, with family and friends to be with as I venture in this so called life. I will always live one day at a time. I will always be thankful for having a wonderful husband and a handsome son. No problems will take me down. God will always lead the way.

We are supposed to watch a movie today, but we cancelled it because of a problem that keeps on coming back no matter I we tried to forget and ignored. I just hope it will leave us alone and in peace. It may be impossible but nothing is impossible with God. That sealed it all.

Happy Weekend to all :)

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